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Modern Textile Art

Traditional Techniques Reimagined





California Dreaming is a design studio specializing in the revival of traditional textile art techniques in modern interiors.

Inspired by the American West Coast aesthetic of the 1970s, Dörte Bundt founded California Dreaming in 2013 and established herself as Germany's leading macramé artist.

Since its inception, California Dreaming has grown from humble beginnings to a full-service studio offering unique artworks and installations, as well as a vibrant program of classes and events.

In our store you will find our own designs as well as an ever-changing collection of sustainable materials and DIY kits to make your own!

Point of Sale

Du möchtest gern unsere nachhaltigen Seile und DIY Kits in Person sehen und fühlen? Unser Partner und Berlin's größtes Kreativkaufhaus Modulor bietet in der 1. Etage stets eine große Auswahl unserer Produkte und ist montags- samstags von 10:00 - 20:00 geöffnet.

Daniela Alfonso Chiñas - Ein Studiobesuch in Mexico City

Daniela Alfonso Chiñas - Ein Studiobesuch in Mexico City

Daniela Alfonso Chiñas - Ein Studiobesuch in Mexico City Daniela and I met at the beginning of the year during a textile art stay in Oaxaca, Mexico. When we received... Read More
Makramee für Anfänger - hilfreiche Tipps und Tutorials von California Dreaming

Macramé for Beginners - The Complete Guide

Dörte explains how to start your macramé project as a beginner.  From measuring the right rope length, to choosing the rope thickness, to tying the essential macramé knots, you will find all the basics to start your project here. Many free video tutorials included!
Navy crew knotting macramé garlands on deck

A little journey into the history of macramé...

Most People associate macramé with the 1970s and consider it a female pastime. However, did you know that macramé is a thousand-year-old craft brought to the Western world by men?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀