Round Loom, Circular Loom Kit, DIY Weaving Kit with Instructions

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A much-appreciated side effect of weaving is the meditative aspect: the journey to your own work of art not only slows down your thoughts, but also promotes creativity and mindfulness.

These great versatile looms are 28cm in diameter and are ideal for adults and children aged 6+. They are easy to use on the couch, on the table, in the car or even when travelling. A variety of ropen, cords, wool, scraps of fabric, raffia and more can be processed in them and conjured up into a pretty decorative piece. Also a great activity with friends, at children's birthday parties, or as a parent-child activity.

In the category "Webkits" you will find websets that are bulging with warp yarn, darning needles and ropen of various textures.

Included in this listing is a circular weaving frame:

Simple instructions
Optional: warp yarn (please select in the menu)

The photos are only examples. Yarn is not included in this listing. Warp yarn can be selected as an additional product in the dropdown menu.