Fiber Pack #3 PACIFIC

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Fiber Pack PACIFIC

Light up your next DIY creation with these beautiful colors!

The kit includes a hand-picked selection of ropes and yarns, which are perfect for macramé, weaving, but also for crafting and decorating. Make a tapestry, flower lights, dreamcatcher, or use it to set colorful accents for your DIY project! Each kit is unique and has been lovingly put together by us in our Berlin studio.

This beautiful fiber pack contains the following yarn qualities:

  • 30m Baumwollseil 4mm rotated in NATURE
  • 9m Baumwollseil 5mm rotated in OCEAN
  • 10m  Baumwollseil 3mm gezwirnt in TURQUOISE
  • 6m Baumwollseil 4mm rotated in GRÜN
  • 2,5m Baumwollseil 5mm rotated in MINT
  • 20m Baumwollseil Jersey in SEA MIST
  • 15m   Baumwollseil 3mm gezwirnt in MINT

7 pcs.

All ropes are made in Europe. Some of them are OEKOTEX certified, others are made from sustainable recycled rope.

Weight: approx. 1000g

Shipping: 1-3 working days

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