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Das Brunch X Refugio-90

Kunde: Das Brunch, Fotografin: Rebecca Crawford, Kollaborationspartner im Bild: Salty Interiors, Braid, Berberlin, Kentholz & 2Bloom

California Dreaming is a full-service design studio committed to transforming your space into a compelling and unforgettable environment.


  • Imagine
  • Conceptualise
  • Design
  • Craft
  • Install
  • Style
  • Hire out


If it’s a wedding you’re planning, a company event, a photo shooting or any other happening, we supply you with decorative macramé items of all shapes and sizes. We can produce for you any object or design you cannot find in our standing collection.

Bérengère’s and Adrian’s wedding, summer 2017, Collaboration partners seen in picture: Semidomesticated


Macramé Wedding Arch
Albertine & Hagen’s Wedding
Foto: Merve and Nils
Styling: Albertine Baronius

Wall Hangings and Planters
Catalogue Shooting Noé & Zoë Berlin
Foto: Kristina Artschwager
Styling: Nadine Engel

Event Décoration Hire
Client: Das Brunch
Photographer: Rebecca Crawford
Collaboration partners: Salty Interiors

Choose from one of our ready-made rental packages or let us craft your event to your specific requirements and create a space that your guests will never forget! Inquire for our rental packages here!


Client: Hallesches Haus , Macramé & Plant Installation under the restaurant roof window

Client: Mandolin Restaurant
Soho House Berlin


Client: Hallesches Haus
Wall hanging installation in the restaurant

Client: The Prop House
LOEWE Raum, Unter den Linden, Berlin, IFA 2016


From standard macramé plant hangers and wall tapestries, to hanging chairs, baby cradles, hammocks, room dividers and public art installations, we collaborate with interior designers, stylists and event makers across Europe to realise their visions.

You are planning an event or are looking for that eye-catching custom piece? Let’s talk about it! No job is too big or too small for us.

Email us at or call +49 1777 093 623 to make an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Custom baby cradle for Zins Organic Hair Salon

Suspended macramé chair “Pulpo”, Designed in collaboration with design studio Hettler Tullmann

Client: Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt , Photo: David Strassburger

Client: Le Panther Bar & Club, Frankfurt
Installation „Tree Hugger“

Client: Corona
Custom macramé Décor for Feel Festival

Client: Nesta’s Nest
Realisation of a macramé suspension for the client’s baby cradles Inquire for pricing


You are planning a bachelorette party, a company event or a fun day with your friends? A macramé workshop is the perfect bonding activity which leaves you with a life-long skill and a beautiful memory.

In or off grid, at your home or company HQ, we come wherever you are to add a unique experience to your event.

Get in touch with us at to arrange a free phone consultation, or if you’re in Berlin, set up a date to visit us in our lush showroom in Berlin-Neukölln!

Private lessons: 50€/hr plus Material

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